Enclave's Happy Meal Prep are crafted with intention to make your body, mind, and soul happy.  Here are details for this week's meals.

"Every bite you take is either fighting a disease or feeding it."




"The Italians and Spanish, the Chinese and Vietnamese see food as part of a larger, more essential and pleasurable part of daily life. Not as an experience to be collected or bragged about - or as a ritual like filling up a car - but as something else that gives pleasure, like sex or music, or a good nap in the afternoon." - Anthony Bourdain


Enclave - Adventurous Superfood Osso Buco made with True Pasture Beef grass-fed shanks, low carb style, keto and paleo friendly with celery root and cauliflower mash. So happy our sous chef Pete is from strong Italian family!




IMG_4796 2.JPG

Straight out of the box and onto the plate. Took me 2 minutes to plate. Here we have Nicoise Salad with Catalina Offshore smoked tuna and Chino Farms baby potatoes and haricots vests & Lemongrass Organic Chicken over Turmeric Garlic Cauliflower Rice with so many herbs you'll have no idea why you feel so damn happy bite after bite.







Chef's Personal Story: I grew up in a Vietnamese-Chinese household and when my sisters had a baby, my mom would move in with them for at least a month and cook and help take care of the new mom and newborn. Traditionally, in Chinese culture, it's called the confinement period where it is typically at least a month after birth. Traditional confinement meals are made for new mothers to help purify toxins, strengthen bones, restore blood, rejuvenate, build breastmilk production, and strengthen overall immunity, health, and provide nourishment.

When I heard my friend running errands and doing housework just a week after giving a birth, I was in utter shock! Think about it! Giving birth to a baby is probably one the hardest and most painful experiences on the body physically and emotionally. Why are mothers not being taken care of?

When I told my friend about our culture and the one month confinement period, she was in shock. And then we found out many cultures around the world also have certain practices and consume certain meals post birth. 

So here we are. Enclave has developed a menu specifically for new moms during postpartum for optimum wellness. Recipes are adapted from 1000 year old books of both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. And all of it is delivered right to their doorstep! 






Check out the new Chef Demo Series: Food as Medicine at Saffron & Sage! I'll be sharing some cooking tips using foods high in anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and rebuild immunity.

May 31, Thursday: 6:30pm - Gut-Brain Connection

June 9, Saturday: 11:30am - Explore Unique Superfoods 

June 21, Thursday: 6:30pm - Solstice Celebration

All events are FREE, but you must RSVP!




This week's deliveries were all made with crafted intention of both flavor and nutrition. One of the items we try to address that don't seem to grab enough attention is the importance of a healthy gut microbiome. The gut is the foundation of all health in which food, emotions, stress, and laughter all play a major role. You can eat all the kale you want, but without having healthy gut, all those nutrients will not be absorbed.

You will notice that in our meals, we try to incorporate fermented foods that are loaded with healthy bacteria, called probiotics. Natural sources are the best so we find it very crucial to implement fermented foods into our meals. 


We have a close working relationship with Happy Pantry's owner/chef, Mark who provides us with fermented ingredients including brine and special fermented items for us to use. We also make our own kimchi and fermented chili pastes. We hope you notice the little things and extra efforts we put in our meals to make it the most healthy and happy for you!



The Road to ZERO WASTE!

One of the biggest problems in the food industry is that over 40 million tons of food is wasted every year which equates to about $218 billion dollars per year! Billions!!! I've witnessed myself from large restaurants, grocery stores, farms, to small mom and pop eateries.

Although we don't throw much away at Enclave, we are always striving for innovative and creative solutions to use sustainable practices and work towards being a zero-waste company! With the scraps that we do have leftover, we are experimenting with making dog food! All our ingredients are local and organic making it some of the healthiest options out there! They even have probiotics and bone broth which have proven to be really good for the gut and joints! Please email me if you want to try and we'll send to you for free!*


Another form of food waste is using parts of items that we would normally throw away. Thanks to Tommy the Fishmonger of Catalina Offshore, he showed me one of the tastiest parts of Opah (moonfish), the abductor, which is normally thrown away. It's a muscle that's also called the "tri-tip", and when grounded it can taste more like meat. Here we seared it and made delicious tacos with all the superfood fixings!








Do your New Year’s Resolutions include being more proDUCKtive with your time and money, and making better choices with your diet?

Adventurous Superhumans - Here’s a contest you can win:
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The winner will receive 21 days of ENCLAVE's Adventurous Superfoods, that has shown to help lose weight and increase overall well being and happiness* Worth over $1000!!! This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and dinner!!!

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*Winner does not have to be present to win

*If winner is San Diego resident, food will be delivered starting January 3, 2018 to doorstep. If winner is outside San Diego, food will be mailed once a week for three weeks starting on specified date by winner.


Enclave specializes in adventurous superfoods that have NO ADDED SUGAR, no artificial preservatives, and made from organic and local produce. This is REAL food. 

For those needing a kickstart to a new healthy lifestyle, Enclave's 21-day Challenge invites all guests to commit to 21-days of healthy eating without the stress of thinking of what to make, shopping, prepping, and cooking! This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and dinner! Guests can choose between 21-days of an all Plant-based Vegan diet or Keto diet that only sources grassfed, organic, and sustainable meats, fish, eggs, and dairy.





It's dinner time,
But why aren't we eating?
Is plating food for the Gram
much more appealing?

Shot after shot, 
as my stomach groans
I wish you’d get off the ducking phone!

Going for a hike,
smelling the flowers and trees
Sun is shining,
with a soft gentle breeze

Taking in nature,
but your index fingers scrolling
Writing hateful comments,
Relentlessly trolling

Buckle up!
It's time to go for a ride
We are going on a road trip
through the countryside

Beep! Beep! 
Notification sends a ringtone
Hey! Watch the road!
And get off the ducking phone!

Life is so beautiful! 
Life is so fleeting!
Why do you waste it
Facebooking and tweeting?

Arguing politics
Making such a clatter
Without any action, 
your opinions - they don't matter

Around the corner
At our local dive
It’s our favorite rock band
And they’re playing live!

Getting elbowed not by moshpit, 
but arms recording
Taking video selfies
Creating fake story

What are you trying to prove?
Is your life really that boring?
The people you try to impress
Can see right through your luring

There are consequences
In playing games of innocence
No need for Instagram models
But more model citizens

It's a different world now
Easy access for every voice, gripe and moan
Silence can be more golden than words
So just get off the ducking phone!

Nighty night, turn the lights off
It's time for bed
Including the bluelight
Shining on your forehead

Melatonin draining,
Life dreams remain stuck
When you can't sleep
Is not the same as being WOKE AS DUCK!