We understand that time is valuable... your time. So we wanted to make it easier and cooking fun again. But we also understand nutrition and freshness. Reheating foods kill nutrients and the the fresher the harvest, the more nutrients remain. That's why we came up with these "Ready-to-Cook KITS" in which cooking can be done in less than 10-15 minutes. The animal lean proteins are already marinated and ready to grill. We visit local farms ourselves to connect to the farmers and get fresh produce.

Here's a good look of our Ready-to-Cook Sexy Mexi Super Bowls that were delivered yesterday. You may have a choice of vegan or animal protein, and meals are naturally gluten-free. We can also substitute the grain for more veggies. These Ready-to-Cook meal kit is perfect for 2, and some customers have said they've had leftovers for lunch, too. These package is $30 or $24 with the weekly meal bundle.