America, we need to listen to what other cultures have been doing for thousands of years! Even at one time during Colonial America, new mothers practiced a “lying-in” period for three to four or more weeks after giving birth! Studies have shown that postpartum depletion can last up to 8 years after childbirth if new mothers don’t recover by proper nutritional food and rest. 8 years!!! WTF! Rest new mothers. It’s mandated in other cultures so don’t feel bad that you want to rest and recover. And we need to support this and stop congratulation women who are recovering from childbirth so quickly.

Enclave understands this dire need and we offer postpartum meals specifically tailored to new moms’ needs. Check out our site for more info or contact us at delivermehappy@gmail.com on how we can get postpartum meals delivered to you or for a loved one.

// Photo by Emily Taplin.