Chef's Personal Story: I grew up in a Vietnamese-Chinese household and when my sisters had a baby, my mom would move in with them for at least a month and cook and help take care of the new mom and newborn. Traditionally, in Chinese culture, it's called the confinement period where it is typically at least a month after birth. Traditional confinement meals are made for new mothers to help purify toxins, strengthen bones, restore blood, rejuvenate, build breastmilk production, and strengthen overall immunity, health, and provide nourishment.

When I heard my friend running errands and doing housework just a week after giving a birth, I was in utter shock! Think about it! Giving birth to a baby is probably one the hardest and most painful experiences on the body physically and emotionally. Why are mothers not being taken care of?

When I told my friend about our culture and the one month confinement period, she was in shock. And then we found out many cultures around the world also have certain practices and consume certain meals post birth. 

So here we are. Enclave has developed a menu specifically for new moms during postpartum for optimum wellness. Recipes are adapted from 1000 year old books of both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. And all of it is delivered right to their doorstep!