Sage Hill Ranch Gardens in Escondido provides 80% of Enclave’s produce! That means our vegetables are freshly harvested within 5 days from their nutrient rich soil, which means more nutrients in our meals for you to enjoy! Sage Hill provides us their signature blends of spring mix, Asian mix, arugula, lettuces, kales, beets, turnips, herbs, green onions, tomatoes, carrots, and a specialty collard green that Chef Lando personally gave seeds for them to grow!


Farmer and Chef. I met Spencer and his father Rocky less than a couple years ago at the farmers market. I was immediately drawn to the quality of produce and how it was so aesthetically set up and carefully laid out. The roots and leaves were mostly free of imperfection and I can tell by looking at the roots, these veggies were grown in very high quality, fertile, and nutrient rich soil. The radiant colors of the variety of beets, radishes, and greens all laid out with so much intention, I knew at that moment I had stepped into some kind of wonderful. I soon chatted with them and found they are a father/son duo team, former carpenters turned farmers, growing produce using organic and biodynamic practices. Within a week, I came to visit the farm. The beautiful farm sits in their family backyard in Escondido and yields an unbelievable amount of produce with now just over 1/4 acre of cultivation. They use no tractors, no walk behinds, minimal tillage, and ALL done with hand tools to nurture the soil for regeneration and longevity. This my friends is true sustainability. And it’s incredible amount of hard work!!! Being farmers’ daughter myself, I had so much appreciation for all that they do. The produce the father-son duo provides are much more nutrient rich than other veggies and no comparison to what you find in a grocery store. Because of this, Enclave has partnered with Sage Hill Ranch Gardens to provide ~80% of our veggies direct from them. So that means not only are the veggies more healthier for you, they TASTE better. Nature is simple. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Thank you @sagehillranchgardens for growing nutrient rich and delicious produce. Thank you for your relentless work and passion and taking care of our planet. 📸@matthewtcheung