Each Enclave Chef is assigned to a few clients so we know who we are cooking for, and you know who’s cooking for you. This way we can stay up to date and personalize your needs to meet your goals! We believe this is truly the greatest way to provide nourishment! In addition, here’s a list of our Enclave values:

Everything will be cooked by Enclave Chef and made from REAL scratch!

+ Personalized cooking with ongoing nutritional consultation.

+ Meals contain adventurous superfoods like fresh moringa, medicinal mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and turmeric. We use as much seasonal ingredients as possible which provide the most nutrients and delicious taste. Meals contain healthy proteins and fats, and heavy in probiotics like cultured foods which is greatly missing in Western diet.

+ Mostly everything from local farms here in San Diego, mainly Chino Farms, Sage Hill Ranch, J.R. Organics, True Pasture Beef, Ramona Pasture Raised Chickens

+ Meals stored in reusable glass containers with $100 deposit.

+ Homemade fermented foods, yogurts and cheeses

+ Only cook with avocado or coconut oil and cast iron, copper, glass, stone, silicone, wood or aluminum cookware.

+ Dog food (some pets too!) will be made from leftovers and given at no extra charge

+ And if you ever have a gluten day, we can make some of chef’s favorites like homemade pastas, dumplings, ramen, udon noodles, desserts. :)